Shaking Hands


We could say that it is our passion for technology. We could say that it is our decades of experience in hardware, software, and network management. But the passion for what we do, and the experience to know how to deliver excellent IT solutions are an easy second to the most important difference.

The Marari Difference.

It is the way that we truly value the uniqueness of our clients. Clients are not dollars or commissions. Clients are not numbers or companies. Our clients are people with individual needs and they want to know that they are important and appreciated.

With every new client we earn, we are given an opportunity to build a lasting, trusted relationship. A partnership. A friendship. We appreciate and respect these opportunities to create lasting relationships. 


… We were looking for a reliable contact to clean up our server, check the whole network for problem areas, and develop a backup procedure. We had conflicts with several programs. With Ari’s advice, we upgraded the server and software, we kept all of our PC’s and did a clean installation of all software. These minimal efforts were exactly what we needed and were well within our budget. We are very impressed with Ari’s knowledge of Microsoft products and the proper application of each.

Cam Wilson - Simpson Wilson Ltd.